Lady Gaga “Born This Way Ball” Los Angeles EXCLUSIVE Video From The Front Row

Mmmk, while I wasn’t in the Monster Pit, I was in the front row of the general admission and it was phenomenal. Gaga looked at me, judged me, and most likely farted in front of me.

Me, my boyfriend and six of his friends, and now my friends, took a limo to the Staples Center to see Our Lady of Gagalupe. We all had the Government Hooker Package, so that gave us early entry with some merch. We were front row, off to the right of the stage. Gaga and her legion of dancers used the runways so much that we got to see the spit coming out of her mouth while she sang and spoke. I took a ton of video and you can watch some below.

I have been to every show that Gaga has put on, from The Fame Ball to the first Monster Ball, the revamped Monster Ball and now the Born This Way Ball and I have to say that while this tour was great and exciting, Gaga was unable to outdo herself. My favorite shows are The Fame Ball and the first Monster Ball Tour. The creativity was fresh, unique and you can tell that Gaga had to create a lot of it on a budget, which forces her to be more creative. The Born This Way Ball had some great costumes and Gaga really engaged with the crowd, but there is just something that the tour was lacking the time around. Maybe I’m just mad at Gaga because for half of “Paparazzi” she let a Zordon looking head sing while the stage was dark. THAT’S MY FAVORITE SONG! Nothing will compare to her performance of “Paparazzi” during The Fame Ball. NOTHING.

I loved the show and I’m so glad that I got to experience it with my love and I made some new friends. I can’t wait for ARTPOP and the tour that comes with it!


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