Solange and Oliver Sim from The XX Cover “Make It Hot”

I’ve never been a fan of Solange, she just never did it for me. She looks too much like Beyonce and I think look-a-likes are weird. For example, if I came across someone and they looked like Shakira, I wouldn’t really care for them because they look like an off version of someone else that I’m familiar with. So, that’s why I don’t care for Solange. Plus, the blog made so much fun of her that it formed my opinion of her without my knowledge.

Now, I love me some 90’s/2000’s R&B. No, you don’t understand. I used to be a little black girl when I was 13 & under, I’ll explain later. Oliver Sim from The XX and Solange performed a cover of “Make It Hot” by Nicole Wray and I’m boppin’ to it. That song is no stranger to my car speakers because I have a recent playlist with this song on it, track 7. Oliver’s voice is so deep, so deep, put my butt to sleep.


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