Alicia Keys Dressed Like A Bull Fighter

Who styled Alicia tonight? A mom? Because Alicia’s hair looks like it was picture day and her mom came up with this twisty hairstyle.

Mrs. Keys started her performance at the piano with a slower version of her mild hit “Girl On Fire.” I was getting into it, then she decided to get up and stand in the middle of 40 dancers and wiggle along with them. Alicia, have a seat. I don’t like when artists decided that they want to learn choreography all of the sudden. Imagine if Elton John decided he wanted to dance-perform “Can You Feel The Love Tonight.” We would all think he was stupid and sit there and be mad at Sir Elton. Same with Alicia. Girl is not Gaga or Beyonce. Sit.

And what’s with Alicia and Christina not performing their new singles? Stop it.


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