Kelly Clarkson, Rihanna and Bruno Mars Perform on The Voice

Kelly burst onto the stage with her latest single “Catch My Breath” and she sang that song with such ease. The last two notes she hits at the end are pure bliss, the highlight of the performance. I know KeLEGEND is performing on The Voice, but get those two off  the stage. Their bland, lifeless voices made me mad.

Dang Rih! You a waitress? Serving them trained vocals on a silver platter. Like I’ve mentioned in previous Rih-Rih posts, her vocals this era have been top notch. Not only have he vocals been superb, her outfits are on.point. Mama loves it when a woman wears a nice pant suit and Rihanna pant suit was sparkly, chic and definitely something I would wear if I had legs.

Bruno’s live vocals are identical to his studio vocal, amazing. His stage presence gets me all hot and bothered. I like how you can see all of his teeth when he talks and sings. I need to get over this crush. The only way thats possible is if I see him in person and our height difference becomes a reality. Isn’t he like 5’5”? OMG, I just got to the part of the performance when he goes into his falsetto. Shaking. Crying.

Know what I’m a fan of? When an artist is performing and they pan to celebrities in the audience to show their reaction. I live for that. Christina was all into Bruno’s performance. Go Tina! Looking cute, rocking that bob wig.




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