Carmen Electra Playing A Joke On The Wendy Williams Show

Wait, I think she’s being serious.

Carmen Electra did something weird today and performed a song on The Wendy Williams show today. “I Like It Loud” came out of nowhere and the performance itself reminded me of homegirl, Angelina, from the 90’s. You remember her hit songs “Release Me” and “I Don’t Need Your Love No More.” The latter was the first CD that I ever bought for myself. It was a maxi-single with about six remixes. STAN.

“I Like It Loud” sounded like a ringtone that automatically comes programmed into your phone and the lyrics  are like leftover Applebee’s food, poopie. “I can be your little sexpot/Get your camera out/Instagram us before you kiss off my makeup/Slip into the photo booth for a make out/ You like that Lana Del Rey pout.” Carmen gives Lana a shout out so, I can’t be mad at her.

Give me a few days and I’ll be bopping to this.


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