Rihanna, Bruno Mars and Justin Bieber Rock The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Stage

Rihanna tore that Victoria’s Secret runway up! Performing “Phresh Out The Runway” and “Diamonds” from her #1 album “Apologetic,” homegirl is about to rack up those sales. Both performances were killer. The vocals on “Diamonds” were excellent and her outfits were on point, sexy and appropriate for the occasion. Rihanna eye-f*cked every single one of those Angels during “Phresh Out The Runway.” Get it Rih-Rih!

Bruno Mars is twerking that promo train, hard. “Unorthodox Jukebox,” Mars’ sophomore album, is due in stores December 11th and I am seeing this guy everywhere. Maybe its because I’m a STAN, but he is doing things right and he should have no problem getting that #1 debut spot. Bruno and his dancing band took the stage at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show and performed the hell out of “Locked Out Of Heaven.” A sexy song about a sexy woman with sexy women strutting around the stage? Very fitting. I’m going to need the big ass hat at 1:35 in the “Locked Out Of Heaven” performance video.

Bruno turned things down fifteen notches and performed “Young Girls” and now I’m a mess. Such a crooner. I have a mini crush on this mini man. Let’s be real, he’s about 5’8″ and those models are all 5’10” and up. It’s cute though because he’s wearing a hat. Hats make everything better. The Angels are serving up Vegas Showgirl realness, without the tacky. Me gusta.

Justin Bieber then took the stage and performed an acoustic version of his mild hit “As Long As You Love Me.” Girl, no. His whiney voice is so, whiney. He didn’t make me want to throw my panties at the screen. In fact, I had the opposite reaction. I pushed my chonies up my butt. He doesn’t deserve my big ol’ chonies! Bieber finished his two song set with “Beauty And A Beat.” Now, I love my pop music, I do. I just cannot get into his music. It’s not my thang. I also can’t get into his performances. His dancing is weaker than Britney Spears’ during the “Femme Fatale” era. Sure Justin, rank in the dough, but don’t make it seem like you’re putting any effort in. His outfit was dumb too. Pull your pants up young man and don’t ever wear that vest again. That vest was disgusting!


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