I Can’t Go To Jail Because I Have Second Row Ke$ha Tickets

Judge her, HARD.

I don’t ever watch Teen Mom, but when I saw this clip I was done. My funeral is this Saturday, I am dead. Homegirl Jenelle can’t go to jail when she is supposed to because she has tickets to see Ke$ha. No one understands this, but Jenelle. I mean, she already bought the tickets, an outfit and got feathers put in her hair because Ke$ha is her idol. The judge and whole judicial system will just have to deal with it. I’m sure the judge will re-arrange Jenelle’s jail time. I mean, who isn’t a $ fan? Imagine if Jenelle already bought a pound of glitter for the concert too, she would probably do something drastic because I mean, like, she already bought it.

I love the guy’s face when he’s living this moment with her. He’s thinking “is this real life?”


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