Mariah Carey Puts the MC In Merry Christmas

Last night, Mariah performed two of her holiday classics on Christmas in Rockefeller Center and I feel like a proud poppa. Mariah is looking great, she has a twinkle in her eye and vocally, she was on it. I STAN for Queen Mariah, but let’s be real, sometimes she would serve vocal diarrhea and all I could do was sit there like it was me serving it. I cannot wait for the new album in early 2013 and when she tours, you know I’ll be there. I’m already saving up my change and the day before tickets are on sale I’ll be at CoinStar pushing my quarters, nickels and dimes down that loud slot.

While we’re on the subject of Mariah and Christmas, two years ago I had free tickets to watch her holiday special that was being filmed in Los Angeles. I was more than excited and I probably cried a few times just thinking about watching her dance around in a Santa hat. Back on track, so my sisters and I drive out to the venue only to see that the line is wrapped around the building. Like, the end of the line is touching the front of the line. Admission was not guaranteed as they were free and was overbooked in case ticket holders didn’t show. The line was so uninviting and it was cold and mama, me, was hungry. Like a glutton, I suggested that we skip the show and go to In N Out. My sisters were okay with it, but asked me if I was sure. At the time, I was sure. Who wants to stand in a long, cold line to see the biggest selling female artist of all time perform her Christmas classics? Not my fat ass, I wanted a Double Double with spread, pickle, and onion only with Animal Style Fries and a Dr. Pepper. Needless to say, I’m bitter about choosing a delicious double cheeseburger over Queen Mariah. I still cry at night during this time of year.


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