Adele’s “21” Certified Diamond

This week, Adele’s sophomore album “21” will be certified Diamond, shipments of 10 million copies in the U.S. Going platinum is struggle enough for most pop tarts, but Adele pulled off 10 million in the span of less that two years and made it look easy. Adele was everywhere, but not in an annoying way. She was on the cover of a few magazines, released only two actual music videos for her album (concert footage videos don’t count, to me) and performed live on various daytime/late night shows and award shows. Adele didn’t have a Proactiv commercial, Pepsi endorsement, CoverGirl ads or Target commercials to help boost sales. Adele relied on her standalone album, without a re-release, her live performances and talent to sell her music. I’m not fully shading the other pop girls, but I am pointing out that releasing quality music and being an enchanting live performer can make you successful.

Not only is “21” going Diamond, but Adele’s live concert DVD, “Live at the Royal Albert Hall” will be crossing the Platinum threshold within the week.




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