We Now Have A Name For Who Is Responsible For Nicki Minaj’s Bad Hair

Terrance, do you hate Nicki? That’s the only explanation for you making her look like she’s just kidding even when she’s not. Nicki’s wig line is a joke. You can see it with your eyes closed. Not only that, but last night at the AMA’s, Nicole’s wigs looked like she bought them the day after Halloween, on sale, half off, buy one get one, clearance section.

Nicole boasts about how much money she makes and I’m sure she makes more than I do, but when I go out in public, I make sure I don’t look like  I’m just kidding.

Terrance, keep doing what you’re doing so I have more to write about.


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  1. Mmmmhmmm. First of all…. LOVE the new header image!!

    Second of all… I too hate Nicki whatever… BUT I saw her last night on the AMAs and I loved her look! The gorgeous lime colored dress, and her wig was gorgeous!!! I would love to have that wig in my collection (the first one she wore with the lime dress)… and I would make it look amazing! Gwen would also look fabulous in that wig. Just sayin.

    But… I still hate Nicki whatever and I thought her demeanor and appreciation level were ultra lame. It was like she new she was gonna win, and didn’t really seem super thankful or appreciative. And what was with that other heffa wrapped in a plastic garbage bag escorting her on stage…. what the hell was that about…

    Lil Kim fo eva! 😉

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