Christina Aguilera Performs “Lotus/Army Of Me/Let There Be Love” On The American Music Awards

Okay, let’s talk about Christina Aguilera’s performance medley on the American Music Awards. I feel like she’s lost. I don’t know what it is. Is her label just not allowing her to promote as much as she should? Is she rebelling against her label by not promoting and gaining weight? Don’t you dare say that she’s not a big girl. Xtina is a pop star, part of her job is to look flawless, make the public jealous and give us insecurities about our bodies.

So, about the performance, it just was a mess. Tina’s outfit was horrendous, it did her no favors. She totally lipped the “Lotus Intro” and her vocals were pretty shotty.  Her forgettable performance can be seen below.

I remember the days when Christina Aguilera was announced as a performer on an awards show and it was a big deal. I remember thinking, “that’s a guaranteed good performance.” Now, I tune in hoping that she kills it, but I know that she is going to give an embarrassing performance. Sad days.


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