Ra Ra Riot “Beta Love” New Album/Single. Free Download.

Ra Ra Riot is one of those bands that you can easily listen to on a road trip and not get bored. Their songs are well constructed and well executed . The songs they craft are intricate enough to keep you interested, but not simple enough to make you feel stupid.

Recorded in Oxford, Mississippi, “Beta Love” is the band’s third studio album set to be released on January 22, 2013. “Beta Love” doubles as the first single’s title and the track gives fan’s of Ra Ra Riot’s signature string driven sound something different. Opting for a synth heavy sound, it sounds like Ra Ra Riot is diving into their creativity to shake things up a bit, but not too much. The strings are sill very there, but it’s a poppier, lighter sound. No need to fret, with their artistic growth, once you hear Wes’ vocals it’ll make you feel right at home and you’ll have “Beta Love” on repeat.

Download the first single “Beta Love” here on NPR fo’ free.


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