“Lotus” To Debut With Lower Numbers Than “Bionic”

Can we talk about the first day sale predictions for this week in pop music? Christina, Xtina, Legend X, come on. “Lotus” is set to open with an amateur 75-80k, when the flop, “Bionic” opened with 110k. Christina did little to no promotion for the album, except being on “The Voice” twice a week, a music video for “Your Body” and a live performance on the aforementioned “The Voice” last night. Something is up when newcomer Lana Del Rey is opening with similar numbers on her re-release “Paradise” with projected sales of 65-70k.

One Direction are sure to take the #1 spot with sales of 525-575k while The Weeknd has projected numbers of 95-105K with three albums that have been available for free for over a year and only three new tracks.

Maybe we’re putting too much hype into Christina’s work and we all just need to let things be. Sure, she came out at a time when the teen pop craze was at its most popular and her sales since have not been the same, but for an artist who has been in the industry this long, we just expect more commercial success. “Lotus” is not a bad album, but its also not a memorable album or a promoted album.



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