Christina Aguilera Finally Performs Something Off Of “Lotus”

Last night, Christina Aguilera finally performed a song off her new and under promoted album “Lotus” on her hit television show, “The Voice.” The promo for this album is non-existant. What’s going on? The album was released yesterday and this is the first we are seeing her promote “Lotus,” other than the “Your Body” video which came out a month ago. I’m starting to feel that the record label and her manager don’t really like her. Where are the appearances and performances on The Today Show, Good Morning America, Jimmy Kimmel Live, Ellen, Letterman, Leno, Jimmy Fallon or even Wendy Williams. Yeah, she did an acoustic 2 minute version of “Your Body” on Jimmy Fallon, but that doesn’t count. It wasn’t real.

As for the performance itself, it lacked any kind of star quality that we’re used to seeing in Xtina. Xtina usually commands the stage and gives a rousing performance, but this was lacking in many ways. Tina looked good from the neck up. The wig and crown were cute and worked, but the outfit was not flattering or cute. The dancers did ALL of the work while she and CeeLo stood there and barely walked across the stage. #lazy


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