Win An iTunes download of “Lotus” Or “Paradise” EP


This is my first giveaway. I thought I’d start small, but bountiful. I’m giving two lucky readers a chance to win an iTunes copy of Christina Aguilera’s “Lotus” album or Lana Del Rey’s “Paradise” EP, both released today.

All you have to do is sign up for email updates to and leave a comment below with your name,email address, which album you’re interested in and why Christina or Lana is your favorite. The “Follow” icon is at the left of the screen.

Follow me on Twitter @JesusGogo and cleverly tweet about with a clickable link included.

The winners will be chosen by me based on the Twitter creativity and reasons why you love Christina or Lana.

The winner will automatically be gifted the iTunes copy of their album before midnight, California time.

Keep it creative. Keep it cute.



  1. I’m interested in the Lotus album because Christina is my favorite female artist. She really inspires, moves and hits home with a lot of her songs. She’s an incredibly talented artists.

  2. uggggh! I would die to have the paradise album!!! I dont have enough credits on my itunes though. I love lana del rey. born to die is my favorite album ever and i heard the snippets of paradise and it kills me!!!

  3. I am very much interested in Lana Del Taco’s album. I haven’t really given her a fair chance yet but since you love her…I figure I will eventually too. You have wonderful taste and I love your blog.
    Plus I hate Xtina.

  4. Lana is mi inspiration , she is everything to me, i really need Paradise, because i love Lana music, is a genuine artist, I met her when I heard video games in 2011, from there I fell in love completely, it is my dream to have paradise, an album is really artistic and talented, and I love christina but Lana is also the number one for me

  5. I’m very interested in Christina Aguilera’s Lotus album. Why she’s my favorite? She’s been my idol since I was little, since she released “Reflection”. I love every comeback she makes. We see a new, refreshed, different and stronger Christina. I really look up to her, her music has helped me get through hard situations in my life, and still does. Her song, The Voice Within, saved my life. It helped me rethink and stop something I was about to do to just end it all.

    Thank you for this contest by the way 😀

      • OMG! Thank you so much! I’d give you a hug if I could 😀

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