Christina Aguilera “Lotus” Review


I’m kidding. I have more to say than that. I actually really enjoyed listening to “Lotus.” Of course, I’m impatient and listened to the leak last week while I had to sit and wait for Jury Duty, but I did like what I heard. “Lotus Intro” was probably my favorite though. It sounded fresh, futuristic, clean, organic and natural. Wait, it sounded like what “Bionic” promised to sound like. I gotta give it up to Xtina, her sample of M83 on the intro was well used and not blatant.

The album as a whole, on first listen felt long. Boasting at 16 original tracks, (who buys the standard editions anyway?), some of the tracks came off as weary, try hard and cheeky, but not in a cute, fun way. Stand out tracks are “Army Of Me” which Tina described as the “Fighter” of “Lotus” and I completely agree. One of the stronger tracks, “Army Of Me” has the beat, vocals and lyrical message to take Tina atop the charts. Another stand out track is “Blank Page,” one of the most hyped tracks on “Lotus.” Penned by Sia, Christina said this was her favorite on the record and couldn’t wait for her fans to hear it. It’s a piano driven ballad that gets into the heart of the album. It’s a classic Christina ballad with the rawness, reflective feeling and crescendo of her vocals This is what she was talking about when she said she had been influenced by Adele’s stripped down sound.

“Light Up The Sky” is an instant favorite. Everything about it screams YES! So subtly powerful, Tina’s vocals come off so effortlessly and the production is clean and powerful with the Ryan Tedder-esque percussion (I know he didn’t produce it). Christina’s co-worker, Blake Shelton, from The Voice joins her on a “Just A Fool.” While the duet may seem strange on paper, the actuality of it is a true highlight on “Lotus.” Shelton’s voice commands attention alongside Christina’s already commanding voice. Tina confirmed that she and Blake would perform this duet on “The Voice” in December. Possible single? Yes, please.

“Lotus” as an album is a great effort in the right direction. Christina is in her zone when she’s not trying way too damn hard.


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