Happy Lana Del Release Day

The exciting conclusion to the rich debut of a classic, modern day chanteuse, “Born To Die: The Paradise Edition” finds it way onto store shelves and online music outlets worldwide and into the hands and ears of her cult following. Lana Del Rey burst onto the scene last year with her dreamy hit “Video Games” and has since gained harsh criticism, backlash and notoriety. Things aren’t all bad for Del Rey, within the year she has also garnered and multi-platinum album worldwide with the first installment of “Born To Die,” steadily gained a legion of devoted STANS, an international ad campaign with H&M that is impossible not to see or hear and her EP “Paradise” is faring better than industry veteran Christina Aguilera on the iTunes top ten albums chart.

Persona and personality aside, “Paradise” is an exquisite album that should catapult Del Rey into a medium pop stardom. The eight new tracks, nine if purchased on iTunes, are sultry, silky and all-in-all, bad ass, but its definitely not for everyone. Del Rey’s lyrics are playful, imaginative and sometimes downright naughty.

Loves her. Loves the album.


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