Lady Gaga “Don’t Kill My Vibe (Demo)”

Gag’s is taking a slight R&B approach on her forthcoming album ARTPOP, judging from the “Don’t Kill My Vibe” demo she just unleashed onto the internets. The song has a very chill, relaxed vibe and is light enough to give one “The Fame” vibes. “The Fame” was fun, unpretentious and fresh. Gaga was at her most creative during that era and “The Fame Monster” era that bled into one another. “Born This Way” was a more serious, political and religious direction that stripped Gaga of her fun persona. In the end, each era had to happen so we could get different artistic sides of this bitch.



  1. alright gaga – i can eff with this. here’s to hoping artpop is more like ‘the fame” than “born this way”. because she lost me a bit with that last album. btw, who on earth is that on the track, it sounds like B.O.B.???

    • Kendrick Lamar is on the track with Gag’s. “Born This Way” had way too many tracks for anyone to actually enjoy it as a whole. People have their favorite songs from the album but nobody, except the STANS, rant and rave about the album.

      Fingers crossed for ARTPOP.

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