Snippets of Rihanna’s “Unapologetic” Leak

Members of the RihannaNavy should get a towel, fold it for extra thickness and sit on it. Wet.

Snippets of “Unapologetic” have leaked onto the internets and I need to hear full songs to make a decision on how I feel. I’m not a STAN of Rih Rih’s so I need full songs, a video and a performance to enhance my “listening” experience. I’m still all about “Only Girl (In The World.)” Hell, I’m still all about “S.O.S.”

These are the iTunes snippets. 1:30 of each song. Some intelligent STAN figured out how to get them. You go Glen Coco!

*Edit: The streaming links keep getting deleted so here is a DL link of the snippets floating around.

“Unapologetic” iTunes Snippets


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