Kelly Clarkson On The CMA’s

KeLEGEND Clarkson performed a new track off of her Greatest Hits tonight at the CMA’s with Country superstar, Vince Gill. “Don’t Rush” is the second new song released from Clarkson’s Greatest Hits compilation.

Can we talk about a few things? This song is flawless. Like, flawfree. Free of flaws. No flaws detected. The melody of “Dont’ Rush” is cool, laid back and mellow. It’s BBQ music. Another thing, Kelly is looking real good. She is giving me “Breakaway” era, American Idol days, and “The Trouble With Love Is” realness. Her body is on point, her hair is cute and her dress, I have a love/hate relationship with it. Love the top part, but the bottom part looks too stiff. Yeah, I know what you’re thinking, its supposed to be all about the music, but she’s a pop star, its never just about the music. Ever.


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