Ashlee Simpson’s Weak Attempt At A Comeback

Trashlee Ashlee Simpson revealed a teaser video of a new song and video she will officially release on November 21st, titled “Bat For A Heart.” Welp, the name of the song itself sounds like its trying so hard to be ironically metaphoric and the song and video teaser we were “treated” to on Halloween was a low budget dud.

I liked it when Ashlee copied Gwen Stefani with “Outta My Head.” That was a nice little tune. I feel with this teaser Ashlee is trying to be organic, raw and real. When she explains the concept and process of the album, I guarantee that she will describe it as such, “raw, real and organic.”

Ashlee Simpson’s comeback will be as successful as Solange’s career is. Take that as you may.

Watch paint dry below.


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