Nicki Minaj “Va Va Voom” Music Video

Now, listen. “Va Va Voom” is a track that is featured on “Roman Reloaded: The Re-Up,” Nicki’s re-release of “Roman Reloaded” the struggling sophomore album she released earlier this year with a mess of a track listing and genre schizophrenia. Nicki STANS are upset because this isn’t a new track, it was on the deluxe version of the album and now its like she’s recycling tracks. I’m getting Britney Spears “Radar” vibes. They’re really trying to make “Va Va Voom” happen. Maybe it will, it’s catchy enough. Maybe it won’t, the public is starting to tire of Nicole and her antics.

The video for “Va Va Voom” is just okay. Nothing particularly special about it. Nicki goes the fairytale route and while doing so she must have given her hairstylist a vacation because her red wig didn’t look like it came from Party City. Truth be told, I have a problem with Onika. She and Katy Perry irk me because they come off as try-hard. They look uncomfortable in their outlandish outfits, headpieces, shoes and hair. I know, I’m a Gaga STAN, but Gaga has the “f*ck it” attitude and she doesn’t look like her butt-cheeks are clenched because she’s feeling insecure. Watch the video below and see what I mean about Onika.


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