Lady Gaga Shares Details About ARTPOP

OMG! I’m fan-girling right now!

Lady Gaga revealed juicy details about her forthcoming album ARTPOP. Gaga told us, via, that ARTPOP will probably be released as two albums, ARTPOP Vol. 1 &  ARTPOP Vol. 2. Each volume would have a six month gap between releases. How Robyn of her! Gaga talked about the ARTPOP interactive app that will accompany the album with exclusive content and ways to personalize the ARTPOP era experience. Our Lady of Gagalupe also revealed that there is no set genre or musical direction of ARTPOP. It’s a “project experience” and will have elements of techno. Lady brought up “Princess Die” which I am not here for so I skimmed over that.

Gaga, can you hear me? You better not f*ck this era up by being a lame.





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