Ciara “Got Me Good” Music Video Premiere

“My back is aching, my bra too tight, my booty shaking from the left to the right.” Pretty much that’s what I say on a regular basis. You’re welcome Ciara.

So, I remember writing Ciara off a few weeks ago, telling her that she isn’t Aaliyah, yadda, yadda, yadda. Then, I see that she has a new music video that was released for her second single “Got Me Good.” Okay, I’ll watch the first 30 seconds, then listen to the song as I catch up on my pop culture. The crisp visual of the video, the choreography, the hair, her body the music, the beat, and bra’s being too tight all caught my attention at once. Ciara and director Joseph Kahn are very generous with the outstanding visuals I just watched. The subtle editing tricks made me rewind the video on my favorite parts, then I re-watched the whole video.

Not only am I hyped up about the song and video, I Googled information on Ciara’s forthcoming album “One Woman Army” and its due December 4th. I need an iTunes quality download of “Got Me Good” the day before yesterday. I am definitely going to twerk in front of the mirrored closets in my house with my mouth open, in my gym shorts that are going to be rolled up to the bottom of my butt and all the while, I will hear my ankle and knees crack because mama’s not built to be a dancer. I’m mama.


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