Randy Jackson Going Through A Midlife Crisis?


Taken just days after their much discussed argument that was caught on camera, Queen Mariah and Jester Nicki put on their fakest smiles in the new promo photo for American Idol. Ryan looks like Ryan, Keith Urban looks comfy, Mariah is stunning like a Queen should be, Nicole is covering up her cheap hairline and Randy Jackson looks like a gay dad that listens to Avril Lavigne.

What is this outfit Randy? This may look cute on everyone else under 21, but you’re not under 21. You’re not under 31, you’re not even under 41 (I’m guessing and I don’t feel like Googling about Randy Jackson). I bet his stylist had a nice suit laid out for him and he thew a fit saying “Is this a joke? Dress me like a high school senior, but instead of shoes that go with the outfit, get me some shiny dress up shoes that have nothing to do with the outfit I’m wearing.” That’s the only logical explanation.

Randy Jackson: The un-Hipster.


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