Bruno Mars Premieres “Young Wild Girls” On SNL

Uncle Bruno is giving us the most with the premiere of a new track “Young Wild Girls.” Unclear if “Young Wild Girls” will bless us with the single treatment, the stripped down ballad is one of Mars’ stronger tracks. Vocally, Bruno is phenomenal. His tenor voice soars through the song so seamlessly. He doesn’t do too much, but does just enough to keep it interesting (take note Xtina) and his stage presence is definitely one of his strong suits. His stance at the microphone, his hand movements and the power you see him exude while breathing out each vocal is nice to see.

The pop world is dominated by women and I love that, but its wonderful to see a well rounded talented male come out and stand his own and deliver with such charisma. I, for one, cannot wait for “Unorthodox Jukebox.”

*Bruno’s teeth, nails, outfit and hat are ON.POINT.

Bruno Mars “Young Wild Girls” Live on Saturday Night Live


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