Britney Spears’ Eyebrows Are A Sin

I am relieved to see that I am not alone in my disgruntled frustration of Britney Spears’ physical apperance 98% of the time. Her ratty weaves, unflattering dresses and the biggest culprit of all, her horrendous makeup. Now, it is rumored that Britney loves the smokey eye when it comes to her makeup, but lets be real here, her smokey eyes look like Uncle Fester and her lack of eyebrows doesn’t make her any less Fester-ish.

Stans have feverishly tweeted Billy B., makeup artist, with their concerns and disdain for the Pop Princesses’ raccoon eyed makeup and flesh colored eyebrows.  Billy B. responded to the tweets saying that the fans obsession with Britney’s eyebrows makes them look “cray cray.”

No. Billy, no. We are not here for that. When a celebrity looks like shit, they look like shit. It’s a part of their job to look flawless and make us hate ourselves. It’s part of the allure. Billy B. must be doing Brit Brit’s makeup because he got all types of sassy and the world needs to side eye this guy.

Here is the link to the blog post. The comments and photos are gems.


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