Dearest Alicia

Please do something in your videos other than stand in front of a wall singing passionately. I mean, I have no suggestions so I guess I should just take a seat.

Alicia Cook Keys unleashes the visual for her song “Girl On Fire” theme for the Hunger Games and the she steps into some great lighting and I love her in the pencil skirt and crop top, but what I am not praising is her dated China doll dress. I can’t with those dresses in everyday life. Don’t you dare call me racist, I used to sit next to a Chinese girl in Chemistry. Back on topic, those dresess are not the business. I work in a Chinese restaurant and I see women wearing those to “dress up” and I’m like first, just because you come to a Chinese restaurnt doesn’t mean you have to dress “Chinese.” Second, why? Why posessed you to even buy that? Did you try it on, look back at your reflection and say “this is the top?” You know what? Probably. I mean, I’ve tried on and purchased ugly articles of clothing too and I get sad. I think, ugly things for ugly people. Haha, I kid, I kid. Ugly things repel off of me.

The visual for the inferno version of “Girl On Fire” featuring Nicole Minaj is coming soon.


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