Nicki Minaj Featuring Cassie “The Boys” Music Video

Not going to lie, but I enjoyed Nicki’s new video with Cassie. “The Boys” is the first single lifted from “Roman Reloaded: The Re-up,” Nicki’s rerelease due this November.

The song itself has been deemed “mixtape Nicki” by her STANS, but it lacks commercial appeal. I liked it the first time I heard it, but I find it hard to play in my car, on my own. I tried once and I got bored. Now, the video is no “Stupid Hoe,” so that means it was pretty good. Vibrant colors have become Nicole’s niche and she does it well when she’s not trying way too hard. The outfits were really cute and Cassie has some long ass legs. When the music starts in the video, Nick is wearing a leopard print Dimepiece baseball cap. Shout out to Dimepiece, hey Ashley!

I have to admit that the video was fun to watch and gave new life to the song.

As I was watching the video, I kept clocking Nicki’s lace front. You should not be able to clock a lace front, especially in a music video. Maybe on the red carpet or during a live performance, but not in a music video that has lighting that can mask anything. “I put all you bitches on to them good lace fronts.” No Nicki, you don’t. Don’t tell these girls where to get lace fronts, leave that to Beyonce. You could pull Beyonce’s lace front and she would say “ouch” like it were real. Yes.


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  1. HAAA!!! Love that last paragraph cause I was doing the exact same thing! and i hate that I do it cause Nicki’s knows better than to be caught slippin like that!

    umm…and sho you right bout them Beyonce wigs. Bey don’t be playin’…

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