Brandy Slays The Good Morning America Stage

And what did your favorite do today?

Brandy is a polished superstar from the days of yore, the 90’s. I used to bump anything Brandy would put out. For a while, I wanted braids so I could sit up in my room and flip them around. “Never Say Never” is one of the best albums ever. Don’t argue with me, because you know its true. The intro of the album with the random airplane flying overhead sound set the mood for the album. That album was an experience. Every song was a gem. My absolute favorite “Almost Doesn’t Count” is the best R&B song that has ever been written, produced, sung, heard, whatever.

“Two Eleven” is Brandy’s return to the music scene after “Human” underperformed. Yes, underperformed. Queens like Brandy don’t flop. Flopping is reserved for the lessors.

Now, I haven’t listened to “Two Eleven” yet, but I plan to. Maybe I’ll listen today while I scrub the bathtub clean. I’ll have to put my braids up in a bun.


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