The XX “Chained” Music Video

The XX makes beauty for your ears and eyes. Their videos are visually stunning and their music allows you to live inside of yourself for the length of each song. The video for “Chained” takes us to an overcast day on the pier and underwater while the sun shines through. It’s f*cking beautiful.

I had the privilege of attending The XX’s Los Angeles show at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery this past Saturday. What a remarkable experience. Pillows, blankets, beer, wine, music, my boyfriend, The XX, what a superb evening. Tickets sold out so f*cking fast its not even funny. I was able to get my hands on 2. This marks my third time watching them perform live and they are fool-proof. Their music, their gratitude, the light show that plays during the entire set and they had their own black shopping bags with a big fat X on them for merch. I saw a girl walking around with a bag so I had to buy something. I got a black long sleeve t shirt with little white X’s on the sleeves. Buying merch is my way of supporting great musicians that I want to be successful and keep on going. If any of you get the chance to see them perform live, do it. Tickets are very inexpensive and the experience is unique and gorgeous.


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