Kelly Clarkson’s Graduation Announcements

Please join us in celebrating the academic achievements of Kelly Clarkson. Class of 2012

Wait, she’s not graduation? Oh, this is the cover for her Greatest Hits?

Okay, so I would ahead and say that I STAN for Mr. Clarkson (typo, and it stays), but when I see all of her hits listed in one place, I can’t help but think, damn I thought she had a better catalogue. I like how only ONE song from “My December” is part of the track list. “My December” is hands-down the BEST Kelly Clarkson album that has ever been. That is the type of music she should be making. That is the type of music she wants to make because she fought so hard for that album to come out just as she wanted. The follow up “All I Ever Wanted” had some good songs on it, but a lot of the songs were fluff and the best songs were never released as singles: “All I Ever Wanted,” “Cry,” “Save You” and the Katy Perry penned “Long Shot.” The order of the songs was a mirror image of her 6 million selling “Breakaway” album and it was so obvious.

Ugh, I’m just a frustrated STAN. Kelly has had the same pop/rock sound for way too long. The only growth she showed was with “My Decemeber” then she went back to her Avril Lavigne-pop/rock. Here’s hoping that this Greatest Hits album will mark the end of her Kidz Bop music and she’ll start to deliver more singer/songwriter, soul, rock-type music.

FYI, “I’ll Be Home For Christmas” was NOT a hit.


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