Lana Del Rey “Ride” Music Video Premiere

I have no words. King Lana serves up cinematic greatness with a mere music video. This is a visual we Lana STANS have been dying for. “Ride” gives us an even deeper glimpse into what life was like for Lana before she was Lana, how she loved, why she writes the types of songs that she does and where her melancholia comes from. “Carmen” was the first autobiographical song/video that Lana allowed us into her personal story that had more to do with herself and relationships with things, not people. The monologue before and after the music in the video is flawless, heartfelt, dramatic, colorfully written, beautifully spoken and a work of art in and of itself. The visuals of desert, leather, motorcycles, dresses, curly hair, carefree smiles, dead eyes, feather headdresses and American flags give the video the nostalgic feeling of Americana.

“Ride” officially marks the “Born to Die: Paradise Edition” era and I am so ready for it. Too ready for it. BEEN ready for it.

Question: If Lana is in the middle of the desert where there are no big, tall ass trees, what is that rope tied to that she is swinging on? I mean, that rope is longer than long so, where Lana, where?


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