Nicole Minaj “Roman Reloaded: The Re-Up” Album Cover

Nicki not trying too hard. Good thing someone took a photo. #rare

Bravo Nicole, bravo!

Nick Minaj revealed the album cover to her re-release of “Roman Reloaded”, due November 19th, via Twitter and it’s not the mess I was expecting from Ms. Minaj. The black hair and black top are subtle, but cute. Her curled lip isn’t too much, but shows personality and its just a cute album cover. Way better than that diarrhea that was the original album cover. Dude, that album cover was such an eyesore, I remember thinking “what a bitch. making me all upset with that ugly ass Olan Mills looking album cover.” I know you all remember Olan Mills pictures. I used to think my family was rich because the Olan Mills print on the photo was in gold AND cursive.


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