My First One Direction Experience


The song was pure pop, PURE. Like, when Britney Spears, NSYNC, Backstreet Boys and Christina Aguilera dominated the late 90’s pure pop. I’m not mad at it.

Are they 18? More specifically, is Zayn 18? I think he is. I am about to buy Bop! Magazine and put posters of Zayn all over my wall and put a photo of him in a picture frame. Then, I’m going to write fan fiction about Zayn and I like all of the Tumblr girls do, then I’m going to cry about Zayn because he will never love me. I know all of you One Directioners recall the video of Zayn inviting a girl into his hotel room while his security says “no.” I was that girl.

The song is “Live While We’re Young” and the video has Zayn in it. He sings, but he reminds me of Posh Spice as in he has an okay voice but is the best looking, most stylish one.


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