Gaga, which restaurant do you work at? Because homegirl is SERVING IT! Serving what, exactly? IT!

Our Lady of Gagalupe just blessed the internets with the extended commercial/short film for her fragrance, Fame. Directed by Steven Klein, who also directed “Alejandro,” the short is 6 minutes of dark blues, reds, purples, heels, shiny things, blood and skin.

Stans were under the impression that Fame was going to double as a music video for “Schiesse.” The trailers for the film all included bits of the song so it was safe to assume. Well, guess that assumption made an ass out of “u” and “me” because there was about 20 seconds of that song included, which means 5:40 were “Schiesse”-less.

As visually stunning as the film is, I have no clue what the concept is. Parts of it seemed like random scenes spliced together. Whatever. I’m sure the video makes some sort of sense in a non-sensicle way, but I am all about visuals like this. No doubt I’ll watch this short film a dozen more times before I go to bed and have a nightmare.

Gaga serving “The Cell” realness below.


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