Christina Aguilera Unveils Artwork For “Your Body” And Album Title


That’s the name of her new album. A lotus represents an unbreakable flower that withstands and thrives through the harshest conditions. Artsy. Cool.

Now, shade aside, I am really gunning for Christina to do well. Hopefully, “Your Body” is a preview single and the next one released is phenomenal. Okay, now I’m lying to myself. “Your Body” is definitely the first single and it’s just…there. Nothing special about it. Sounds like a bonus track for the Target Edition of the album.

The cover art for “Your Body” is very soft and sexy. Sexy meaning not slutty. It’s titillating and pretty to look at. It’s like she’s paying homage to the “Stripped” album cover with her new shapely body. Now, the real test is going to be the album cover. Christina has had pretty decent album covers. As boring as “Bionic” was as a whole, the art direction for that album was on point. She looked GOOD.

“Your Body” will hit the internets on Friday.
(I’m trying so hard not the be a hater. SO HARD.)


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