Rihanna or Rita Ora?

Look at her, lookin’ like Rihanna. I’m side-eyeing right now.

If you don’t know who Rita Ora is, Jay-Z signed the Brit to his Roc Nation label and is trying to make her happen. Jay, stop trying to make Rita happen, she is not going to happen.

Rita looks and dresses like a budget Rihanna, vocally sounds like Jessie J, and her music sounds like a lazy Ke$ha. Don’t even come at me with, “oh stop comparing artists”, let them be their own person. No. She is a boring blonde who will eventually go red, brunette, shave her head, go short, do whatever Rihanna did before her. Now, I am no Rihanna stan but, come on the comparison is undeniable.

I just watched less than half of her performance on Jimmy Kimmel, you know, just to give her and her music another shot but I couldn’t. I even listened to the rest of the performance while I was typing this shit talking article and I kept making a face like I had to fart but I was in church.

Rihanna giving her best Rita..-_-



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