Know What I Miss?

I miss thinking that Gaga’s hair was real. Go ahead, side eye me, but I did. I swore up and down that her hair was long and it was all natural. I also miss her black catsuit. Mama was werkin’ it with her stilettos, Mother Teresa scarf and cute lil’ sunglasses. Her pussy pink lipstick was a nice touch as well.

This is one of my all time favorite Godga performances. Why? I’ll tell you…

Homegirl twerked that stage. Her dancers and the choreography was very, “oh look, I’m an artist,” but Pop at the same time. When she got her discostick (remember that?) and made her legs go all crazy, YES! Mama Monster was hungry for it! She wanted seconds. She wanted to make a plate and take it home. She wanted to get the recipe, have a dinner party and serve up more fierceness.

Our Lady of Gagalupe below.


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