Nicki Minaj Remains Demure and Full of Tact

In the long tradition of celebrity fragrances, this was bound to happen. Nicki Minaj unveiled the bottle of her new scent, Pink Friday, via Twitter and what the Hell?!


First, get over using “Pink Friday” for everything. It was 5% creative for your first album; not your second album and a fragrance.

Second, the bottle is one of the tackiest things I’ve seen since all of her music videos. It looks like it should go on top of Megazord.

Lastly, I doubt the perfume smells anything but delicious. Knowing Nicki, she’ll say it “smells like Roman,” “smells like Barbz,” smells like Pink Friday,” or “like dumb.”

I can barely tolerate her anymore.


Nicki Minaj as Megazord

Nicki Minaj inspired by the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

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