You Gotta Be Shitting Me

Ok, when I was little I was all about Brandy. Not kidding. Brandy was my #1. I used to buy Word Up! magazine and put the posters of her up on my closet. “Never Say Never” is one of my top 5 albums of all time and I used to watch Moesha like my life depended on it.

I wasn’t into her latest comeback because, lbr, it wasn’t all that. I liked the first 2 singles that were released enough to play them twice on my iPod, but nothing more.

As my girl B prepares for a comeback with “Two Eleven,” her latest studio effort to be released on October 2, my girl is working with Christopher Brown on what seems to be her first single.

A trailer was released for “Put It Down” and the track sounds like something I’d dance nasty to in the restroom right before I shower. I’d even peak my wet head out of the curtain, wipe the steam off the mirror and make sexy faces as though it was the official video. Brb, now I need a shower…


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