Panty Dropper

  1. The Holy Trinity, A.K.A. The XX, just made me fan myself like a cougar in heat.

Right on the heels of releasing the first track, “Angels,” off their sophomore album, “Coexist,” Romy, Oliver, and Jamie subtly release “Chained.”

“Chained” is sexy. The beat makes me want to lightly run my fingertips up and down my own body and coo in satisfaction. The vocals are smooth and Oliver Sim could get it anytime, anyplace.

Although, the 2 tracks we’ve heard from “Coexist” are nothing we haven’t heard from them, The XX continue to impress with their cool music, cool sound, cool lyrics, and cool vocals.

Ok, slap me if I’m wrong, but I think a collaboration with Mariah Carey would be mind blowing. Mariah has those soft, whisper vocals that would glide through an XX beat. I need this in my life and I know I will die unhappy because this type of collaboration will never come into fruition.


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