Lady Gaga Does Something That Doesn’t Irritate Me

Lately, Lady Gaga has been exceptionally irritating.

Born This Way had way too many songs on it. I mean, who really listened to “The Queen,” “Bad Kids,” “Black Jesus – Amen Fashion” or “Highway Unicorn” more than once? Ok, by accident doesn’t count when you’re not paying attention to the music while you’re driving. Oh, hey! Remember when The Born This Way Ball isn’t scheduled to be stateside until 2013? Two years after the album was released? I was tired of those songs off Born This Way last year, tbh.

Mmmk, now that I’m done talking smack about the “greatest album of this decade,” I’ll get into what actually made me think “okay, I might be ready to STAN for her again.”

Lady posted a photo (see below) on Twitter of her latest tattoo which reads ARTPOP. She later tweeted that ARTPOP is the name of her forthcoming album/project and to capitalize the title because “it’s all in the details.”

Not going to lie, I am in love with the album title. Seems that it’s going to be very The Fame/The Fame Monster which I am all about.

Now, I am expecting cute ass outfits this era. The first single needs to be so good that I give away my work shift that day so I can just lay and listen to the track. The video better make me want to learn the choreography like “Bad Romance” did. Lastly, if there are more than 13 tracks on this album and more than half of them are garbage (ie: see Born This Way, Bionic, Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded) then I will just let it bother me and probably still listen to her music, but I’ll make an ugly face while doing so.

Lady Gaga taking a 3 megapixel photo -_-


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