Apparently, This Is What Winning X-Factor USA Sounds Like. Mediocre.

Really? Come on. This song is so life less and uninspired. Homegirl won 5 million dollars and was on the most hyped talent show of last season and we get this? The beat sounds like something you can make on a Kermit The Frog keyboard.

Hit maker, Kermit The Frog, produces X-Factor USA winner’s debut single

I know it’s not her fault, fully. A girl’s gotta eat, so a girl’s gotta sing what she’s given so who should I side eye? L.A. Reid for allowing this mess? He needs to slap himself in the face and take a seat.

Another thing, “feet don’t fail me now.” NO, NO, NO! That’s Lana Del Rey’s line! She’s the only person in the world who can sing that as an opening line in a song.

Don’t listen to the track below.


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